Custom. Lightweight. Ready-to-use.

The Legend GeoGreen™ M-8400 Geothermal Manifold System offers the ultimate in lightweight durability, labor savings and installation flexibility for commercial and residential geothermal applications.

This easy-to-install and maintain, custom manifold for ground source geothermal loops offers the ultimate in labor savings and installation flexibility. It reduces labor due to its low number of parts and connections and saves space because of its compact design. The unit is lightweight, made of chemical and corrosion resistant PPR Type 3 engineered plastic, and is visually appealing. Most common configurations are available from stock, but Legend Hydronics will custom build to suit any application from 2-1/2" to 3-1/2" diameter and 4 to 26 loops for larger industrial and commercial applications. Header connections are available in threaded or new Legend-Press style connections.