Compact, High Capacity Solution

The M-8220 high capacity manifold is ideal for Hydronic radiant applications that require high flow rates such as snow & ice melt systems or projects with large floor areas (warehouses, commercial garages, airplane hangers, manufacturing facilities, etc…).  This versatile manifold can also be used in the mechanical room for flow distribution in Hydronic systems where each branch is supplying one or more zones of radiant panel manifolds, radiator panels, baseboard, fan coil units, etc...

The M-8220 provides full isolation at each header and circuit loop with color coded handles.  The header valves are available with standard pipe thread or press style connections.  The circuit loop isolation valves are available with or without thermometers, depending upon circuit balancing requirements, and offer standard female pipe threads for connecting to any NPT pipe adaptor or connector.

Available in 1-1/2 and 2 inch sizes.