Manufactured with unmatched quality.

Pre-assembled and ready to install. M-8200 Precision manifolds ship loosely assembled and fully loaded with the features and benefits required for high performance flow metering and balancing are built-in.

A powerful and unique circuit balancing system incorporates memory stops for each circuit.

As each valve is adjusted to the proper flow the memory stop locks in the setting.

There is unlimited flexibility in orientating these manifolds in any direction.

Plastic covers protect the balancing ports from debris before and after the installation and discourage tampering with balance settings, reducing call backs.

M-8200 manifolds are machined from high quality extruded brass bar and all accessories and components are forged and pressure tested. EPDM O-Rings and CNC machining ensure a long lasting, perfect seal -- guaranteed.

Available 1 and 1-1/4 inch sizes:

  • M-8200:    Isolation valves
  • M-8200T:  Isolation valves − built in thermometers
  • M-8200P:  Precision adaptor − thermometers; air vent; fill and purge valve; Isolation valves

Combine Legend brass manifolds and LegendFlex™ tubing for your next project and receive FREE heating tube

Circuit Actuator

M-8000 Modular™ manifolds

T-820 Test Gauge - Needs no adaptor

LegendFlex™ Highly flexible PEX heating tube with oxygen barrier