Carry less inventory. Stay flexible.

The M-8000 Modular™ Manifold system. When on-the-job flexibility, reducing inventory and minimizing labor costs are essential, the M-8000 modular manifold is the solution. The twist-on modular nature of the M-8000 system allows manifolds for any application to be custom built on-site… in seconds.  Whether you need 2 to 14 circuits, purge and fill valves or air vents – any configuration can be built from only six parts.  Manifold circuit sections rotate 180° allowing tube to be routed from above or below the manifold….offering the ultimate in job site flexibility.  Optional angle isolation valves eliminate the need for adding 90° elbows and allow for tight installations when supply and return piping is oriented from the floor or ceiling. All connections feature high-quality EPDM O-rings and are CNC machined to ensure a long-lasting, perfect seal…guaranteed.

  • M-8000:    Isolation valves
  • M-8000T:  Isolation valves − built in thermometers
  • M-8000P:  Precision adaptor − thermometers; air vent; fill and purge valve; Isolation valves

With the M-8000 you stock less inventory yet accommodate a project\'s needs on-site, on-time and at the right price.

4 wire actuators

Tube Bend Support

LegendFlex™ highly flexible PEX tube

M-820 Test Gauge - No adaptor needed