Hydraulic separators provide an efficient, economical, compact method of providing simplified primary/secondary system piping in a hydronic system.  Incorporated properly, the HS-808 Hydraulic Separator can result in a system design with fewer pumps, reduced pressure drop, and higher efficiency by reducing circuit to circuit interference associated with closely spaced tees.  Additional benefits of the HS-808 include air removal via the included high capacity air vent and debris collection and removal via the included purge valve.  All sizes feature union connections for ease of installation and maintenance.  Attractive, compact and form fitting insulation is provided with each unit.

  • High capacity field-servicable automatic air vent has built-in check valve
  • Garden hose thread clean-out valve
  • Union style connections
  • Compact insulation jacket

The AF-480 unit provides automatic filling from potable pressurized systems

The T-88 Air Eliminator